Show me a sign

Journal Review

I wrote this segment in a journal 2 days after meeting my current boyfriend…

“Lately I’ve been going about this dating scene the wrong way. If the universe truly provides what you want and need then I must be putting out the wrong vibes and need to correct that issue as soon as possible. Per a therapy assignment almost two years ago, I was asked to make a list of 100 traits or qualities that I am looking for in a partner. The secrets out guys, I compare each and every one of you to that list. Now if a guy doesn’t score 100% it doesn’t make it a deal breaker, not one guy has even come close to 100%. There are things on the list that are must haves and there are others that are negotiable. The guys that I have been talking with and casually dating are all nice guys. There’s just something off, it’s bad timing when lining up with a career, they have a good job and can take care of themselves but our personalities don’t mesh, they can be gentlemen and romantic but I’m not attracted to them in the slightest, or they are gorgeous and kind of a jerk. I somehow need to stop blocking myself from having the guy who is all of these good qualities that I’m looking for from entering my life.”

I sent him a response from the night we met shortly after finishing my rant. As I sit here reading through these emotional scribbles I can’t help but think how blessed I am. The next journal entry I wrote was all about plans for a first date. We’ve been together since.

Everyone knows the saying “if you build it they will come”, well that’s how I feel about this journal entry. I wrote it down and then it happened. For the record, I scored my boyfriend on that list of 100 qualities and he’s scored the highest yet.

The universe hears your words. Focus on what you want, make changes, and let the pieces fall into place. Review your journals and see if the trials you wrote about are still remarkable? Notice if the universe provided the answers for them to workout. We live in a crazy magical world. Trust in it!


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