Show me a sign

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Those that know me the best know that I love flowers. Since I was younger I’ve always had a garden. By garden I mean that my mom let me have a few planters on the side of the house to grow tomatoes and green peppers while I helped her water the flower beds that she landscaped around the house. It’s something that I love to do but that my apartment lifestyle has limited those lavish garden dreams.

There is a quote by an unknown (to me) author that states, “every flower that’s ever bloomed had a whole lot of dirt to go through first”. In my opinion, that’s a profound statement. Flowers bloom to be beautiful, fragrant, and fragile. However, their journey to become beautiful is dark and dirty until they reach the sun and bloom. I want to be a blooming flower.

On my way home from the gym I decided I needed to detour and make a pit stop at the grocery store. I walked into Trader Joe’s with my little list on a mission to get into the store and get out. Every. Single. Time. I walk into that store I end up staring at their arrangement of flowers. Today was only slightly different. I was tired, I needed to get home to take care of my dog, and I was just a little bit down. The flowers instantly brought a smile to my face. The thought that I should buy some came a moment later followed by the hesitation of diverting from my budgeted shopping list.

My attention was diverted to the music that was playing. Spin doctor’s “Two Princes” was playing. Not just the song, but it was on the specific part where he says, “if you’d like to buy me flowers… just go ahead”.  It was like the universe heard my desire and my hesitation and decided to play me a little tune.  I had to laugh because this sign was so blatantly obvious. I had thought originally the song was Third Eye Blind’s  “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life” which I thought was an even more appropriate title, however, it was brought to my attention that I had my songs confused! No matter what the title of the song or who the band, my thoughts sent out that I wanted flowers because they make me happy and the universe responded “if you’d like to buy me flowers.. just go ahead”.  I picked up a bouquet of sunflowers, carnations, and lilies with a sporadic rose or two and some greenery for accents and put them into my cart. They are now on display in my apartment where I’m writing this now to remind me, “every flower that’s ever bloomed had a whole lot of dirt to go through first” and the simple concept of ask and you shall receive.